Rise of the Drow



I managed to get some armor and weapons that fits relatively well from an orc I killed just before exiting the tunnels. It’s no match for dwarven craft but it has to do for now.

I decided to go to the nearest human village in order to get some supplies before heading back. They were in the middle of a winter celebration, I have no idea how much time has passed since my banishment, but time will not quench my burning desire for vengeance. I followed the humans into a temple where they were preparing for some sort of ritual, something to do with the sun. I didn’t care much but at least it was warm inside and the tavern was closed.

Suddenly the temple was invaded by a gang of humans armed with torches, intend on burning it and the people inside to the ground. The head priest wagered that they were being mind controlled, I know what that’s like. Sadly the memory of my own experience fueled my rage and I mercilessly cut down the ones I could reach. Part of me regrets it but maybe it’s for the best, at least they are spared the guilt of their actions.

It became pure chaos after that, along with some humans, a half-elf and some kind of bear thing we helped fend off the invaders, which turned out to be a drow raiding party, but not before they managed to steal some sort of artifact from the head priest. Perhaps Torag has not forsaken me completely just yet. I doubt some random foot soldier would know Synthoras but the leader of the group just might point me in the right direction. So I decided to invite myself to the party and if it will get me closer to Synthoras his throat I’ll even endure their jokes.



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