Rise of the Drow

On the run


It has been a few day since I last had the chance to write anything in my journal. They have been eventfull days, to say the least.

Where I had left off, we had juist found the captured villagers inside the drow fortress and we were about to head out. Well, we fought our way out of the castle. These fights almost proved too much for Khelgar and Varus, but we all pulled through. We were then confronted with the question what to do next. We had gotten the villagers out, but unless we accompanied them back to the village they would simply be recaptured by the drow in a few hours. On the other side we still had to locate and retrieve the lost relic.

We decided to save he villagers first. One of the captives was a lord who had an estate two days travel from the drow fortress. We started to head that way, and although we made it, we were followed and harassed by drow the entire time. During these two days I talked to some prisoners and found out that they had no information about any artifact or holy relic captured or used by the drow. Neither did they know anything about any ritual that the drow were perfoming. I did learn that the head honcho, the leader of these underground elven bastards had left the fortress and was travelling back toward their underground capital.

Once at the manor, which proved a lot smaller and less defendable than anticipated, we decided to prepare for the eventual attack from our drow pursuers. We had captured one of their scouts and our interrogation of him got us some information about how bad our situation really was. It turned out, pretty bad. At least 60 drow were in persuit and were only a few hours behind. We passed out whatever weapons we had and were able to arm about 30 villagers. A quick calculation told me they could handle about 4,3 drow warriors. Maybe. That just left 55,7 for the rest of us. I have read soemwhere that the people of this harsh land are all trained with swords from birth, that they have to learn in order to survive. I guess we got stuck with the lazy villagers who skipped those classes. So much for finding decent sparring partners.

And so we waited. We had prepared our defenses quite well. Archers on the roof, fire-pits to provide light at night… Still, those sneaky drow managed to get inside of our defenses without difficulty. It’s those damn invisibility potions they have.

We were fortunate however. They did not attack with 60 drow. Not even with 40, or 10. Only 4 came that night. Either thay gravely underestimated us, or they had better things to do. My guess is, they are continuing whatever foul plan they have with the relic. We have to get that back.

Dealing with the 4 drow infiltrators was not hard thanks to Varus who spotted them as they tried to enter the manor. Khelgar and me dealt with them.

We now plan to move the villagers back to their home. It will take another day of travelling to reach the village. I wonder if we can send them ahead without us so we can return to the castle to find the relic. I’ll discuss it with the rest of the group, see what they have to say.

That brings me to my final remark. During our stay at the manor we had captured a drow scout. We interrogated him and several interesting if not also disturbing things came to light. First of all, Khelgar has some kind of history with the drow. A female drow named Sinthoras tricked him in to killing someone. As he tells it, she used mind-controlling magic to make him do it. I have seen him lose control before however, without the use of that kind of magic. He killed a villager at the church the first night we stayed at the village, he attacked me because I made a remark he did not like, and he tried to kill Varus when he refused to let Khelgar kill our prisoner. This makes me question Khelgar’s state of mind and overall stability. The thing is, we need his axe right now and when push comes to shove….I don’t think I can put him down myself. One or two hits with his battleaxe and its on to pharasma’s boneyard.

And then one more quick word about Khelgar’s fight with Varus. Khelgar wanted to kill our prisoner out of revenge. Varus wanted to bring him with us to the village to have him tried and brought to justice. Personally, I say kill the bastards. I can understand Varus’ point of view however. Some people hold themselves to higher standards. I can understand Khelgar as well, if I had a bone to pick with these drow I would want to kill him too. I’m just glad I managed to stop them from killing each other. We are going to need all the help we can get to get out of this predicament alive. They can kill each other all they want when I’m back in a tavern with a pint of ale in front of me, a couple of cards in my hand (and my sleave) and Sarayah on my lap. Heh, what did you think? That I had gone all mature on you? I wonder what Gorann would say if he could see me now? I am practically leading this group. Guess I’m not such a waste of time and money after all.



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