Race: Dwarf
Class: Barbarian (invulnerable rager)

  • Glory of old: You receive a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against spells, spell-like abilities, and poison.
  • Threatening defender: When you use Combat Expertise, reduce the number you subtract from your melee attack rolls by 1
  • Axe master(free): +1 trait bonus to hit using axes

I still remember the smell of their blood on my hands, of her blood as it dripped on the cold stone floor. As the youngest son of the Dragonmauler family I grew with tales of how my ancestor, a legendary Dwarven berserker singlehandedly slew the fiendish dragon Razeth. I wanted nothing more than to follow in his legacy and thus when I became of age I enlisted in the army. I became part of a squad that ventured deep into the deeps to hunt and battle our ancient enemies.

It was glorious, we felt unbeatable as goblin, orc and drow fell before our might. And during that time I met her, Balindys. She was a warrior unlike I had ever seen, the perfect combination of grace and power. It took some time, but eventually we fell in love and ultimately became engaged.

One night, during my turn to stand guard, I saw movement in the corner of my eye but before I could react a mist came over my mind. Through the mist I could see a drow’s face before my eyes, his voice echoing in my mind. “You have fallen before my spell my little pet, don’t bother trying to use your rage against me for this spell is especially effective against you savages.” through to his word neither my rage nor my ancestral protection could break his spell. “Now take that hammer of yours and smash the faces of every dwarf here.” Overwhelmed with a rage deeper and darker than I had ever felt before, I could only watch in horror as the hammer landed on one of my sleeping companions. Before they could rouse I had slain another and sadly with the drow’s magic empowering me they never stood a chance. The look of horror on Balyndys her face just before the hammer hit still haunts my nightmares daily.

“Excellent my little pet” the drow said smugly as I continued to struggle against my mental chains in vain. “Now you go to your city and when you enter the gates you will kill every single dwarf you see and know that your dead is named Sinthoras.” Whit heavy steps I walked without stopping towards the doom and destruction I would bring as I prayed to every dwarven god that came to mind to stop me but sadly it was not long before the gates came into view and the guards told me to report to my superior. Most of Sinthoras’ dark magic had worn of and they were able to take me down before I could take another one with me.

First the inquisitors came, I don’t know how long they interrogated me I only know that whatever traces of drow magic lingered within me faded before it could be spotted by a healer along with any other proof that . The sentence in regards to the crime of murdering my entire squad were mild, probably thanks to my grandfather. I was to be exiled without armor, weapon or name into the dark tunnels with only my execution waiting for me on my return.

My kin is reviled by me.
My weakness has made me a blight in Torag’s eye.
And the only one who could calm my raging heart, my lovely Balyndys, curses my existence.

Pray to whatever dark gods you serve Synthoras, for I have survived your curse and when I find you the pain and torment I will bring you will make even the most vile demon turn his head in disgust.


Rise of the Drow jack253ofblades