Race: Human
Class: Bladebound kensai magus
- Sword scion: You begin play with a longsword or dueling sword and gain a +1 trait bonus on all attacks and combat maneuvers made with such weapons.
- On your toes: +1 initiative and free weapon draw in a surprise round.
- Bruising intellect: Intimidate is always a class skill for you, and you may use your Intelligence modifier when making Intimidate checks instead of your Charisma modifier.

Drawbacks: Hedonistic: Whenever you spend a day without gaining reward or treasure (at least 10 or more gold pieces) or spending an hour on entertainment or pleasure, attempt a DC 20 Fortitude save at the end of that day. If you fail, you begin the next day fatigued. This fatigue lasts 4 hours, or until you receive a reward or sufficient entertainment or pleasure.


Pearce was born and raised in Brevoy. His father was a rich merchant and his mother a spoiled debutante. Pearce was mostly raised by servants and he repayed his parents’ neglect by rebelling as soon as he could. He joined streetgangs, got tattoos, ran away from home, … everything he could think of that could spark a reaction from his parents. Deeming him a problem child Pearce was sent to a reform school at the age of 14. Lessons with a sword were mandatory at the school and it was here that Pearce’s aptitude with the blade was discovered. His talent earned him a pass in to a duelist academy where he studied under the tuttelage of Gorann, a magus. Because Pearce had started to show some arcane talent as well he was to be trained in the ways of the magus.

Although Pearce excelled at the martial part of his training he lacked the dedication and will necessary to nurture his arcane powers. The more he failed, the more he stopped trying. By then he had developed a taste for the good life in the city near the academy, wine, women and gambling. He started going out more and training less and he fell behind in comparison to the other trainees. Eventually Gorann kicked him out of the academy.

Pearce, not being able to handle the rejection, stole the gear the academy had lent him and even broke in to duelist hall, a place reserved only for the academy’s champions. There, on an altar, Pearce found several black blades. Angry and confused Pearce grabbed one of them and fled the academy. The next day he realized what he had done, he had stolen one of the legendary black blades of the academy. Too scared to return, Pearce fled Brevoy as soon as he could. He promised himself he would one day return to Brevoy a full fledged duelist worthy of the blade he had stolen.

On his travels Pearce met several unique individuals, but none so strange as Sarayah and Milura.

He met Sarayah while travelling through the outskirts of the Kyonin woods, just west of Galt. He first noticed her as she traversed the dangerous woods all alone and decided to follow her in case she needed his help. To his surprise she became involved in an adventure with a Green Hag. He managed to convince her to run away with him, leaving her home, and the Hag, behind.

He met Milura in a tavern in Andor. Her species is unknown to him, as is the land she claims to hail from. He found her talents, and espescially her cooking, quite usefull however and so when she suggested to tag along he had no objections.

Fearing to be discovered either by agents of the academy or minions of the Green Hag, Pearce decided to head north towards wilder and less civilised lands.


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