Campaign traits

As promissed I wil reveal a free campaign trait for every player who provides me with a usable background item I can work with.

On your toes.
You’ve had extensive combat training and are hunted. And you know it. You’ve learned to never let your guard down.
+1 initiative and free weapon draw in a surprise round.

Stranger in a strange land.
+1 save vs mind affecting, cold and electricity.

Master Chef.
+2 competence bonus on craft: cooking checks.
In addition if you have craft: potions this trait allows you to use cooking to make potions. A character who eats such a meal does not have to take its effect immediately, but instead can store this magic for up to 24 hours and use a standard action to activate it. A character can only store one such potion at a time. And after a period of 24 hours the meal is completely digested and the magic lost if not yet activated.

Axe master.
+1 trait bonus to hit using axes

Deadeye Marksman.
When using a bow, one creature does not provide soft cover.

Pack symbiosis
When you use the aid another action to aid your animal companion the bonus is +4 instead of +2. This is a trait bonus.

Campaign traits

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