Rise of the Drow

Up to no good


Maybe going north wasn’t such a great idea. I know I was the one who came up with it, and at the time it seemed like the thing to do, but in hindsight….

I don’t like the cold. Brevoy, my homeland, isn’t the warmest of regions but it isn’t like this frozen wasteland we’ve ended up in. Thank the gods that Milura reminded me to buy some fur-coats. Hehe, that’s kind of funny though, a bearlike humanoid creature reminded me to buy a furred cloak. I think mine is even made of bear fur. It goes to show the gods have a good, if not disturbed, sense of humor.

Milura is one of my travel companions. She is a pendarin or something. Like I said, a bear-like humanoid. She says she comes from all the way east. I’ll have to take her word for it. She is nice, inquisitive, loyal as far as I can tell and one hell of a cook. I don’t quite know why she is tagging along, but it gives me someone else to talk to while I’m pulling myself across another mile of snow.

Sarayah is my other companion. Young, quiet, hot. Likeable if not a tad naieve. I helped her escape from the clutches of a green hag. A lot more going on there than I care to talk about right now. Let’s just say she’s another reason I was glad to leave the fairer climes behind.

We should have gone south though. Maybe to Osirion or Katapesh. But I figured that would be too logical. It’s too typical isn’t it? Heading to Katapesh as a refugee. Sounds like it has been done to death. I chose north. Shouldn’t have.

A refugee? Yeah you read that right. I kind of quit school, the hard way, and forgot to return some of my learning aids. Well, that and I stole one of the legendary black blades that normally only end up in the hands of a champion. Running seemed like my best option.

So now me and my motley crew ended up in some ditch town up north. The local jokels were about to have a festival celebrating the winter solstice. We tagged along, drank a pint, sang a song (sorry, hymn), cheered on a cleric as he subdued darkness and tried to bring back the sun. You know, the usual stuff you do at winter solstice.

At first I figured the ritual was a simple religion ceremony to reassure these simple farmers that spring and summer would return, as they do every year. To my surprise an actual cleric and an actual holy relic containing unimaginable divine power appeared on scene. To my even greater surprise the local peasants reacted to this ritual by trying to burn down the church. My companions and I intervened and stopped the probably already drunk, or as it later appeared, possessed townfolk. A definatly already drunk dwarf got mixed up in the fighting. He started yelling, put his beard on fire and then started cutting down the townfolk.

After the first round of chaos had settled down the ritual started again only to be interrupted just in time for the second round of chaos, this time brought to us by hordes of undead. The cleric dropped his holy relic containing unimaginable divine power and so while he went looking for it, me and my companions, the crazy dwarf and an elven archer cleared out the church and it’s belltower.

In the aftermath it seemed the undead had been sent by drow (evil, dark skinned underground elves) who had also killed the cleric, stolen his holy relic containing unimaginable divine power, taken dozens of hostages and slaves from the townsfolk and had turned off the sun.

Yes, they turned off the sun. I didn’t know you could do that. I haven’t read anything about any spell or ritual to turn off the sun. I mean, there are gods of darkness out there, and even they have never turned off the sun. So it must be pretty hard. So off course I immediately offered to hunt down these evil drow, free the townsfolk, return their holy relic containing unimaginable divine power, avenge the town’s cleric and bring back the sun. It’s just the kind of guy I am.

Ok, maybe I am trying to impress a few people, but we started out with the simplest of the above. Hunting down the drow and freeing the townsfolk.

We tracked the drow through the forest, across a river, through some more forest, right in to the hands of a demon. A tough fight later the demon was dead and we were ready to continue tracking the drow through … some more forest, when someone from the Academy showed up. What’s the chance of meeting up with that guy during an ever lasting night, in the middle of an arctic forest miles away from the nearest settlement. He didn’t even sneak up on us, he was waiting for me, ahead of us. Got to give these guys credit, they are good. It’s like they know what’s going to happen.

Anyhow, I got tired of the taunts and banter and my idle attempts to bribe the dwarf. (I swear I am travelling with the only dwarf who cares nothing about gold.) So I attacked and the academy hound killed me.

Seeing as how I am still writing this, I guess it’s not too big of a spoiler when I say I came back to life. The god Erastil, his name be forever praised, made sure my companions found a magic scroll and our cleric, who I now realize I have forgotten to mention completely, used it to bring me back.

After my companions got back control of their emotions (there were so many tears, I got a little emberassed) we continued with our quest. We had to fight our way through several layers of drow defences and finally arrived at their stronghold. Our initial survey of the opposition proved that a direct assault was out of the question, so we used a hidden passage, discovered by our expert thief who we found stepping out of a tree not that much earlier (I suspect some affiliation with a dryad, or maybe she is a newborn treant.)

By using a clever ruse and a magical drow disguise we managed to enter the castle and found the enslaved townsfolk. Now all we have to do is get them out.

And find the holy relic containing unimaginable divine power….

And avenge the town’s cleric…

and bring back the sun.

Nothing is ever easy.



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