Jayden Pureborn

Human Huntress




Being born into a rich and noble family, Jayden often felt lonely in the household, with dull etiquette and strict rules. Ever since she was a little girl, she would sneak out and roam the forest, enjoying it’s pleasantries: peace and quiet were the things she valued most, amongst the rough predictable behaviour of the animals she had grown to love.
She was punished for her disobedience often, but she didn’t care much. No punishment would be severe enough to keep her away from her cherished forest. Her mother spoke of her obligations towards her family and of what her betrothed would think of her, but Jayden couldn’t care less. She was very fond of her father. He understood what it was that lured her towards the forest and when she turned 16, he presented her with a wolf pup to teach her responsibility. It had white and brown fur, blue eyes, and she called the pup Liberty.

One day, when she roamed the forest, she was attacked and robbed. The thief had left her bloody and wounded, but also angry and determined. She was determined that no one would ever hold power over her again. Thus she started her training in secret. Having a well-known name and a family known for its’ wealth helped her in her quest for a tutor.

The first thing the hunter told her was to lose her pretty dresses during training and when she would go out. “Women in dresses are prey to thieves and murderers”, he said. He taught her everything there was to know about survival, about nature, animals and more. She often stumbled, making mistakes, but getting up again every time. She developed quite a talent for archery, enjoying the peace of mind she needed to make a clean shot.
The hunter told her about how wolves hunt in packs and that we could use our skills as a couple to flank prey or enemies; he also explained how it would take a great deal of time before we would fully understand one another.

Even though the hunter had told her it would take about 10 years to become a full-fledged huntress, she fleed after only 4 years of training. It had been a desperate act, since she would be ‘collected’ by her betrothed for marriage.
She had a light armor prepared in secret, as well as a small sword and a full quiver of arrows to match her bow. Jayden saddled the best mare and rode off, with Liberty close by, only regretting not saying farewell to her father.

Jayden Pureborn

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